End of the Semester Reflection -OSU Fall 2016

The highlight of my semester was an intercultural collaboration between myself and Bita for our final project in Bebe Miller's HTL Choreography course. Inspired by Ralph Lemon's Tree (1997), we wanted to bring Bharata Natyam and Classical Persian into conversation with one another. In addition to thinking about contemporary movement and improvisation, we also wanted to ground the … Continue reading End of the Semester Reflection -OSU Fall 2016


The Complexities of Intercultural Collaboration

The following is a response to Katherine Profeta's text Dramaturgy in Motion: At Work on Dance and Movement Performance.  Reading Katherine Profeta’s text Dramaturgy in Motion: At Work on Dance and Movement Performance alongside watching Ralph Lemon’s Geography, not only provided insight into Lemon’s process of choreographing Geography, but also highlights the collaborative nature of the … Continue reading The Complexities of Intercultural Collaboration

Is Bharata Natyam a Global Dance Form?

The following excerpt is the introduction from a recent paper that interrogates the term "global" dance and how Bharata Natyam is a global dance form. I hope to continue and further this research as I move through my PhD studies in Dance at OSU. Paper Title: Dancing in Rhythm on the World's Dance Stage: Examining Bharata Natyam as a Global Dance Form